About Us

Who We Are

Wisekids Trust is a non profit organization that seeks to be at the forefront of alleviating child poverty through identifying and nurturing life skills through sports -tennis, swimming and golf, music, public speaking, educational trips and to ultimately achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

for children in Sub Saharan Africa. The Trust intends to alleviate several negative outcomes such as child marriage, child prostitution, poor academic achievement, school dropout, exploitation, violence, abuse, neglect, physical and mental health problems and promote healthy child development. Wisekids Trust was registered in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe on 03/09/2018 under deed of Trust Number


Our Mission

To help vulnerable and gifted kids excel in life through exposing them to sports (tennis, swimming and golf), music, public speaking and educational trips.Our goal is to see wised up kids who are bold, confident and able to make positive decisions from a tender age.