Wisekids Trust delivers COVID 19 Christmas box to vulnerable children

A LOCAL Non-Governmental Organisation – Wisekids Trust has donated Christmas food hampers to disadvantaged children in Cement Side, in the outskirts of Bulawayo.

Founder of the Trust, Mr Tendai Mutungwazi said the donation was part of efforts by Wisekids in alleviating poverty in the wake of economic challenges wrought by Covid-19 pandemic.

The Christmas food hampers were given to 20 disadvantaged children and consisted of maize meal, rice, cooking oil, and chunks.

“Covid 19 left many breadwinners jobless and many families cannot afford to buy Christmas food, so, we saw it fit to give food hampers to children to make their Christmas enjoyable.

“The pandemic has deepened the hunger crisis in the world’s hunger hotspots, and in any crisis, children suffer more than adults and it destroys their self-esteem, confidence and self-worth. So as Wisekids we are trying to find ways to build confidence and self-esteem in the children.

“We believe kids should eat first. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic and shutdowns, people’s finances are badly hurt, and its children who suffer most. So if things get tough, we believe kids should eat first” said Mr Mutungwazi.

He went on to say they were going to make children’s Christmas Day memorable through a number of initiatives such as doing various sporting activities with them on the day.

“As a Trust, we are set to go and spend the whole Christmas Day with the kids, give them life lessons and play their favorite sporting activities,” he said.

Thabani Dube, one of the children who received food hampers said they were grateful to Wisekids for the donation and their dedication to helping them alleviate poverty.

“We appreciate great efforts that the Trust has made to ensure we don’t starve. We thank them for their commitment and their time they promise to sacrifice to spend Christmas Day with us when they are supposed to be with their families. That means a lot to us” he said.

Source: Sunday News